Week 25

Well yay! I’m in my new area! Guess what everyone here knows how to whip their hands to snap their fingers. It’s my new favorite thing but I did it so much on Saturday that my wrist actually hurt a lot the day afterward. It’s good now.

So it’s so awesome to only have to be over one branch here in Moses. We only have to fill out one progress record, I only need to get to know one group of people, most of our lessons are in Spanish, we don’t have to split up our numbers, and we mostly get fed Spanish food. Which might be a win/lose. I might have definitely gained 35 pounds in my first area. What do I do to lose weight? I’m already working out 30 minutes a day. Elder Dexter said I should stop eating sugar with my oatmeal.
So this morning I woke up and ate some oatmeal. Then did all the things a guys got to do like have Elder Dexter cut his hair. Then Elder Dexter was cooking an omelet and it was huge and I was like oh thanks for making a comp omelet for us! He was like I did make it for you, because I knew you hadn’t eaten and I was like yeah…     It was good I ate it. Yum anyways That might be why I’m fat.
Well so we found a retractable clip at the apartment and so I decided to use it to fulfill the measure of it’s creation. We waited till dinner then when this guy was like hey what’s your name I’m half blind. I was like here and pulled the cord toward him with my name tag on it. He read it let got and it snapped back to my chest. During that the other missionaries were crying from laughter. Sister Ahlstorm was about to die of laughter. I’ve never heard anyone laugh so hard on my entire mission. It was great.
But hey you’re great. Have a phenomenal week.

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