Week 22

Pues wow. So we definitely had a dramatic week. It felt like a novala. So we were supposed to have a baptism yesterday but then crap hit the fan and we’re still picking up the pieces. So we’ve been meeting with Lucy everyday this week before the baptism and everything was going good till on Tuesday her ex-boyfriend showed up while we were teaching her. It was weird but we taught them both in another one of our perfected Spanglish lessons. On Wednesday and Thursday he was there as well and we were getting a little worried.

Then on Friday morning we get a call from sister Maughn saying she was thinking that Lucy was still smoking and we’re like whatever but I guess we’ll ask anyways. So we ask and she’s like well kinda and then we’re like darn looks like we have to wait another two weeks. Then she starts crying and leaves. Then we were talking to her friend Janelle then we left and a bunch of junk happened and now Lucy is in Pasco.
But the good news is we got cinnamon rolls yesterday and Sister Christiansen promised to make us massaman. Have a good week!

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