Week 20

DSC01500 (Small)Pues. Oh I had our second Baptism this week and a few more on schedule for the coming weeks. It’s really exciting seeing so many people try to change their life. We had a super cool experience with one of the ladies we have on date.
She had just moved from Kennewick and is staying with one of the less actives.

DSC01416 (Small)

She had told the branch president that she wanted to be baptized. So we met with he
 r and it turns out she’s be meeting with the missionaries for 6 months. It was super sweet because she just moved in completely ready to be baptized.
Anyways the dairy was fun. We saw a cow give birth

DSC01522 (Small)

and they had like 12000 cows there. So that was exciting. Our car tire exploded yesterday after we got a few inches of snow. It was pretty sweet. Elder Trotters pretty awesome but I think he has terrets or something because he always seems to shake. Anyways he’s a good missionary and always ready to talk with the peeps.

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