Week 22

Pues wow. So we definitely had a dramatic week. It felt like a novala. So we were supposed to have a baptism yesterday but then crap hit the fan and we’re still picking up the pieces. So we’ve been meeting with Lucy everyday this week before the baptism and everything was going good till on Tuesday her ex-boyfriend showed up while we were teaching her. It was weird but we taught them both in another one of our perfected Spanglish lessons. On Wednesday and Thursday he was there as well and we were getting a little worried.

Then on Friday morning we get a call from sister Maughn saying she was thinking that Lucy was still smoking and we’re like whatever but I guess we’ll ask anyways. So we ask and she’s like well kinda and then we’re like darn looks like we have to wait another two weeks. Then she starts crying and leaves. Then we were talking to her friend Janelle then we left and a bunch of junk happened and now Lucy is in Pasco.
But the good news is we got cinnamon rolls yesterday and Sister Christiansen promised to make us massaman. Have a good week!

Week 21

DSC01597Wow well we had a good valentines day. By that I mean we started riding bikes this week and while we were stopping to get mail some girl we’ve never seen before, which is weird because we’re in small little Mattawa, and she gave us a Klondike bar. I’ve never had one  before but it was pretty good. Anyways than latter we went to the Spanish Branch’s valentines party. Or rather we went on a quintuple date. It was awkward DSC01550and Elder Trotter was not accepting anything. Yet not the worst date I’ve ever had.

We are having a baptism this week it’s going to be awesome. Um well enjoy these photos and have a good week.

Week 20

DSC01500 (Small)Pues. Oh I had our second Baptism this week and a few more on schedule for the coming weeks. It’s really exciting seeing so many people try to change their life. We had a super cool experience with one of the ladies we have on date.
She had just moved from Kennewick and is staying with one of the less actives.

DSC01416 (Small)

She had told the branch president that she wanted to be baptized. So we met with he
 r and it turns out she’s be meeting with the missionaries for 6 months. It was super sweet because she just moved in completely ready to be baptized.
Anyways the dairy was fun. We saw a cow give birth

DSC01522 (Small)

and they had like 12000 cows there. So that was exciting. Our car tire exploded yesterday after we got a few inches of snow. It was pretty sweet. Elder Trotters pretty awesome but I think he has terrets or something because he always seems to shake. Anyways he’s a good missionary and always ready to talk with the peeps.

Week 19

DSC01343 (Small)Yay we had transfers it’s super fun. The new Elder is Elder Trotter he’s a stud. It was really funny yesterday because being fast Sunday he was super tired, so I called up our branch mission leader and we had nothing but beans for dinner he was not so happy after that. At least he got untired enough to be mad at Jorge, I still haven’t told him I put him up to it.

We didn’t get much sleep last night there were fireworks and whatever else after the SeaHawks won the Super Bowl. It was so crazy. They were up till 3 in the morning. It’s just DSC01349 (Small)a good thing today is P day or we’d be dead. Anyways we are going to the dairy today and having a sweet little tour! It’s going to be super good I’ll probably get some fresh milk.
 DSC01296 (Small)
Well we are having a baptism this Saturday. It’s super exciting. Enjoy these pictures of stuff. Oh yeah also I got the coolest scarf from Peru ever!! Huh well anyways have a great week!