Week 18

Transfer week! It’s crazy this week was one of the fastest ever on the mission. Oh I think I know why. We had temple P-day on Wednesday last week so it actually was a shorter time since the last time I was able to email.

Well my companion, Elder Hall, got transferred to Pasco 5th and I get to stay here with my new companion Elder Troter. I hear he’s super mean. That’s ok though, I’ll whip him in to shape.  Let’s take a moment and enjoy the best pictures of Elder Hall that I have…  We’ll miss you Elder Hall.
Maybe Elder Troter will be good at pool so I can actually test my skills on him. It just wasn’t fun winning so hard. We had an exciting week a whole bunch more people on date and people actually came to Church!!! Honestly I don’t know why it’s so hard to go to Church. It was super good though.
Some crazy guy came up to us in Walmart and followed us around while we were shopping telling us how the Oclevict Jews run everything from the money in France to Hollywood, and also that you don’t have to pay income taxes if you don’t sign your W-4 form. It was weird I just wanted you to know.

DSC01291 (Small) DSC00485 (Small) DSC01034 (Small) DSC01207 (Small)

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