Week 17


So we decided after our baptism that we need to get a few more people on date. We had a couple amazing experiences this week with that goal in mind. We visited this one man while I was on exchanges with Elder Davis. We haven’t met with him for almost 2 months. But as we were sharing about the plan of salvation we went ahead and invited him to baptism. Before I could even finish the question he said yes about ten times and then proceeded to say that he’s been waiting all his life to find the Church of God

At this other couples house we decided to watch the Restoration video. Something was up with their TV so it was in good ole black and white. Then while we were talking about it afterwards Maria said that she would do anything to feel what she felt now again. So we invited them and we’ll now have a great family coming into the fold.


We had the opportunity to attend the Temple this morning. It was such a wonderful experience I’m sad we can only do it once every quarter. We brought our new convert Reynaldo to a lesson with us yesterday and it was one of a kind. It was a super Catholic family. Which doesn’t really mean much because we’ve talk all sortsof really active Church goers. Some just have more open hearts than others. It was going very great till we flipped out the Book of Mormon, then the couple we were teaching was like: A


 Bible! A Bible! We have got a Bible, and there cannot be any more Bible. So we explaine

d a little more but then we realized they thought they could try to covert us. We were really worried about Reynaldo though because maybe that had weakened his testimony. But on the contrary he told us afterward had he had felt and then shared with us how grateful he is to have the Book 

of Mormon. Then I thought to myself wow I am too. What a solid guy.

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