Week 16

Well Saturday was the best and worst day ever on the mission.

It started when we get a text from the zone leaders at 9 about ZLC at 10:30. We scrambled to get a ride because we don’t have any miles to drive down to Othello. We got there promptly at 10:29 and there were no other cars in the Church parking lot. So we call the Zone Leaders and they say “Oh yeah ZLC is next week. Sorry.” The member looks at us with indignation in his eyes. Then after a minutes the ZL’s are like oh just kidding we’re just late. The member who gave us a ride about runs ’em over when they get out of the car and then proceeds to tell them he’s going to slash the tires and break the windows of their car! It’s nice to have members say what we can’t
The meeting was for the Leaders in our Zone. A.K.A. not me. So while they were at the meeting I was writing letters and reading Jesus the Christ and then I got a call from Reynaldo our baptismal candidate for that day. So of course I gladly answer. In that call he tells me “I don’t want to be baptized” and hangs up. AWWW! My senior companion and trainer is in a meeting and the first Baptiste of my mission flakes out on us! Thankfully not ten minutes later the branch mission leader calls. I explain to him the problem and he asks Is Elder Hall there? Well no he’s in a meeting. He hangs up. I’m freaking out.
Meeting is over we leave with our now settled down member. Zone Leader’s car only had an angry stickynote on it. We call the BML and he tells us to call Reynaldo. Reynaldo agrees to have us come over. We do and the BML is there in the house and we walk in with a frantic spirit and they are sitting on the couch laughing their little heads off. Those dratted pranksters.
We had an excellent baptismal service that evening with the best rice pudding I’ve ever tasted. Reynaldo got baptized and we confirmed him yesterday. Everyone about commented on how good they had felt the spirit.
Wow sorry that was so long. I would accompany this with pictures but we forgot our cord for the cameras. Woops

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