Week 14

This Christmas was amazing! We did so much over this past week it’s hard to put a finger on what I should write about.

Well last week someone in Mattawa had their trailer went down in flames. It was a few days before Christmas and they became all together homeless. Well we talked it over in ward council and decided to go and help them out. So we went over there Last Monday and got a big ole track-hoe. As we were tearing down the place someone from the city hall came to yell at us. Something about an investigation and some big insurance deal. But thankfully enough the trailer owners didn’t have insurance so the city decided it was OK for us to keep on breaking it down. Within the next day we tore it all down and loaded it up in two big dumpsters. It was one of the most fun service projects. In the process we met some of the people we were already teaching and had really good discussions about Christ like service.
Anyways we committed a man to baptism and so one the 11th of January we are going to have the first Spanish baptism for 3 and 1/2 years in Mattawa. We’ve learned that there’s no problem in asking people to get baptized. We asked a good 6 other people this week and 3 said yes! It’s so exciting seeing the Church grow in such wonderful ways.
I really don’t have much time to write email but if you’d give me your Address I would absolutely love to send you some written letters.
Teine un feliz año nuevo!

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