Week 12

And with another week under my belt I feel like a changed man. I love to see people making changes in their lives for good and it’s so sad when they falter but as long as they keep trying they will succeed. 

I am so excited to see your faces on Christmas Day and I wonder if we can do it all together or if you’d rather have one missionary go then the other. Well I had a great week with a lot of success and a lot of failures. Something I learned this week is that the only failure is not trying. When we press forward in the hope of Christ we have a bunch of awkward moments but it’s when we trust God that those errors seem to be of no effect. 
It’s so exciting that every lesson and investigator we have has different and unique problems but that God knows them and how to help. One experience that I think you’ll enjoy is with this man named Jorge. He joined the church a few years back and loved to share his testimony with others. But a week before he sent in his mission papers he fell into a bunch of drugs partying and all that. But one night he was listening to a TV show about the LDS church full of lies. He then went to Mormon.org and felt what he felt at baptism. And right now he’s getting his life back together through that amazing gate of repentance. 
I love you all so much. Tristan don’t crash the car. 

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