Week 11

Well another week has just come to pass here in Mattawa but it feels just like a day. I had my first experience inviting someone to get baptized this past week. We had a very good discussion about the Gospel and Jesus Christ and so the time was just right for me to pop the question. Unfortunately for us our investigator wasn’t ready yet. But in the coming weeks he’ll come along.

There is definitely no lack of surprises. One of the recent converts, who was baptized a week or two before I came, made it known that she wasn’t actually married to her husband! It turns out there something in Washington called Common Law, where if you live together for over 7 years you are pretty much married. But the Church doesn’t recognize it, so we have to get her married ASAP.
We had a mission farewell this last Sunday. The Elder is going to Texas Spanish speaking and since his records are in Spanish he spoke during the Spanish Branch. But being a likable young man in the community a whole lot of people from the English ward came as well as a bunch of non members and less actives. We usually translate for a couple members but there were so many people that we decided on having a member go up and translate everyone’s talk in the other language. It was pretty amusing.
Anyways as for me I’m doing good, my Spanish is growing, and so am I. People just make really good food.

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