Week 14

This Christmas was amazing! We did so much over this past week it’s hard to put a finger on what I should write about.

Well last week someone in Mattawa had their trailer went down in flames. It was a few days before Christmas and they became all together homeless. Well we talked it over in ward council and decided to go and help them out. So we went over there Last Monday and got a big ole track-hoe. As we were tearing down the place someone from the city hall came to yell at us. Something about an investigation and some big insurance deal. But thankfully enough the trailer owners didn’t have insurance so the city decided it was OK for us to keep on breaking it down. Within the next day we tore it all down and loaded it up in two big dumpsters. It was one of the most fun service projects. In the process we met some of the people we were already teaching and had really good discussions about Christ like service.
Anyways we committed a man to baptism and so one the 11th of January we are going to have the first Spanish baptism for 3 and 1/2 years in Mattawa. We’ve learned that there’s no problem in asking people to get baptized. We asked a good 6 other people this week and 3 said yes! It’s so exciting seeing the Church grow in such wonderful ways.
I really don’t have much time to write email but if you’d give me your Address I would absolutely love to send you some written letters.
Teine un feliz año nuevo!

Week 13


What a fantastic time of year to be doing missionary work! Everyone seems much more open to hear the message of the gospel. Especially when they open the door to us caroling! Unfortunately there is just too little snow. We got half a centimeter last Wednesday but that melted relatively quick.

Oh I’m so happy! Serving a mission was the best decision I’ve ever made. I only wish I had done more missionary work at home because it’s so incredibly satisfying.


Feeling the love and spirit of God work through us and those we teach is just amazing. People change their lives and are so much more happy.
This last week was great! We got to see a man who was struggling with the WoW have a mighty change in heart.

He smiles now and really loves the scriptures. I hope that he continues to progress in the Gospel so that he can fell the joy. Merry Christmas!

Week 12

And with another week under my belt I feel like a changed man. I love to see people making changes in their lives for good and it’s so sad when they falter but as long as they keep trying they will succeed. 

I am so excited to see your faces on Christmas Day and I wonder if we can do it all together or if you’d rather have one missionary go then the other. Well I had a great week with a lot of success and a lot of failures. Something I learned this week is that the only failure is not trying. When we press forward in the hope of Christ we have a bunch of awkward moments but it’s when we trust God that those errors seem to be of no effect. 
It’s so exciting that every lesson and investigator we have has different and unique problems but that God knows them and how to help. One experience that I think you’ll enjoy is with this man named Jorge. He joined the church a few years back and loved to share his testimony with others. But a week before he sent in his mission papers he fell into a bunch of drugs partying and all that. But one night he was listening to a TV show about the LDS church full of lies. He then went to Mormon.org and felt what he felt at baptism. And right now he’s getting his life back together through that amazing gate of repentance. 
I love you all so much. Tristan don’t crash the car. 

Week 11

Well another week has just come to pass here in Mattawa but it feels just like a day. I had my first experience inviting someone to get baptized this past week. We had a very good discussion about the Gospel and Jesus Christ and so the time was just right for me to pop the question. Unfortunately for us our investigator wasn’t ready yet. But in the coming weeks he’ll come along.

There is definitely no lack of surprises. One of the recent converts, who was baptized a week or two before I came, made it known that she wasn’t actually married to her husband! It turns out there something in Washington called Common Law, where if you live together for over 7 years you are pretty much married. But the Church doesn’t recognize it, so we have to get her married ASAP.
We had a mission farewell this last Sunday. The Elder is going to Texas Spanish speaking and since his records are in Spanish he spoke during the Spanish Branch. But being a likable young man in the community a whole lot of people from the English ward came as well as a bunch of non members and less actives. We usually translate for a couple members but there were so many people that we decided on having a member go up and translate everyone’s talk in the other language. It was pretty amusing.
Anyways as for me I’m doing good, my Spanish is growing, and so am I. People just make really good food.

Week 10

It’s wonderful to see the little miracles that happen everyday. This past week we got denied at this house where the two people we were going to teach, who are Golden, were absent. So we checked at another house of a less active. He let us in and we had a wonderful discussion with his entire family. It turns out he had just moved in 3 days ago so instead of reactivating a less-active we now have a whole family who is ready and willing to hear our message.

I had my first hand made tortilla a couple days ago and it was amazing. I used to be apprehensive about Mexican food but when they make it right it’s incredible. Hopefully I’ll stop crying because of the spice. My companion said he overcame it. 
The thing that I love most about it here in Mattawa is the weather! We got thick fog half of our days and then it frosted so hard one day it looked like Christmas! Have an excellent Christmas season everyone!