Week 7

Well to my disappointment Prep Days are on Monday so here I am a week later very happy that I was able to get away with my sneak email. So here I am in Mattawa Washington it only took a day and a half of travel to get here and so far it’s been very good. 

On Tuesday we left the CCM at two in the morning a made it to the Mexico City airport in record time. Then we went to get our boarding passes printed using some fancy computer thing with swiping your passport. Well mine just would not work and I got a ticket printed “Go talk with the ticket people”. They were not happy to see me with that ticket because it made them do a ton of extra work. Anyways I packed light compared to everyone else. We were allowed 23 KIlos on each of our two bags totaling about 100 pounds and I think I used a total of 78 pounds including all the extra stuff I picked up at the CCM.
BUT some of the people were not as thrifty with their luggage and were over by a few pounds so guess what happened instead of them paying a fee? That’s right I got more stuff! It was awesome because one of the two people who put s


tuff in my bag put candy in it so I demanded it as taxes! Yeah free candy for the light bags!!! Anyways they got their stuff back at the end. I kept the candy and no one had to pay a huge fee so win win. We got to the Dallas Airport and really wanted to get some lunch because we had just had a very long flight. So as we’re in line at the airport pizza place this lady comes up with two little kids and offers to pay for our meals. No matter how much we told her it was alright not to she insisted. I got my first free missionary meal that day. It was amazing.
As for the rest of travel we made it here and I was happy to find out my mission has a car and lots of really good members who feed us really well. We are over a ward and a branch so half of the work is English and the other Spanish. It’s a nice slow immersion into Spanish but I hope my next area is 100% Spanish. Anyways this got way to long so I’ll bring it to an end with a picture of my favorite thing in the home we are staying at.

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