Week 6

This week has been a turmoil of events! My companions left me to go to Ecuador and three others of my district also left, and so I was put in yet another companionship. Not many people can say that they had 5 companions at the CCM. And so with the four of us left in our district, all going to Kennewick at 2A.M. tomorrow, one was tranferred to another district and so it was just Elder Widmir, Elder Wright, and I for a few classes. Which turned out to be difficult because none of us completely know Spanish well enough to know Imagewhat they say all the time but awesome because we were able to have one on one time with the teachers.
Getting ready to leave the CCM was fun. We got to pack, do laundry, say our goodbyes to all our friends here at the CCM and we even convinced one of the haircutters to cut Elder Wright’s hair even though that thing is forbidden on Mondays. I had a bunch of pesos left over from the card they give us so I decided I might as well use it. It turns out that I have an inner desire to be thrifty even when I need to spend the money. In fact I still have about 190 pesos left I need to use… Anyways after all that we went to change for our last class at the CCM and I somehow missed the Latinos who were working on the water heater in the Casa. So I had absolutley the coldest shower in all of history. A thought came to my head from Elder Holland “Why is it the only danger in missionary work is getting Hypothermia because people are flocking to the fonts” Thank goodness for me though because Hypothermia avoided.
Two days ago I was super ready to go into the field and preach the gospel but while talking to one of the Ladies at Reception today I found that my Spanish was not as good as I thought. Don’t get me wrong my Spanish has grown from nothing to a solid base of language, and that’s a miracle in itself, but it’s not at all where I would have liked it to be. But with time comes experiance and I’ve decided to try to speak only Spanish with my companions for 2 years so hopefully I’ll learn something.
Tomorrow I’ll be in Kennewick Washington and I might have the oppertunity to write again. Seeing as this email might be a little under the table kind of deal. Anyways if you’d like to write or be written to send me your address and mine is:
Elder William Sebastian Helzer
Washington Kennewick Mission
8202 W Quinault Ave Ste D
Kennewick, WA 99336-1017
I can’t believe I forgot! We had Dia de los Meurtos while I was in the thick of Mexico City! It was a put down… I thought they’d have tons of fireworks and stuff but the only thing they had was a spotlight that shined directly into our window… Haha but there were tons of decorations here at the CCM for it. And they had my absolute favorite meal here that day: Spicy sandwiches and rice pudding!!!

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