Week 5

Another week has come and gone here at the CCM and everyone started to get restless for the field. In fact my two companions are going to be leaving in two days, and since I won’t be leaving till next Monday I get to have two more companions at my time here at the CCM. Which is great because every companion I have is supposed to teach me a thing or two. Thus I can learn all the more! I’m going to know share with you the two most memorable experiences of the week:
The leader of the all of the MTC’s came to us and gave the first live devotional in a couple weeks and it was hands down amazing. I love when people are passionate about what they speak about because you know that they’re speaking from the heart. His talk was about, suprise suprise, Missionary Work! He shared some experiences from his mission and about his first and last day out in the field. Then went on to show how it applied to us. He got a district of about 10 people to come up and share what they sacrificed to come on a mission and told them it had to be a different thing. The first girl comes up and says she gave up her parents and quickly went back down. The second girl told us she gave up her Fiance! This amused the MTC Leader an he told us of a time in Provo where he asked the same question and some Elder told him he gave up a wife and that she’s here right now. So the MTC guy was baffled at first and then asks if the Elder’s old fiance would stand up and lo and behold she did. I cried in laughter at that point and held back the tears for the rest of his talk.
Later that night we watched the Joseph Smith movie. I’ve seen it before in SLC and the group I was with then mocked me because I shed some tears, but this time there was not a dry eye after that film. Which pleased me somewhat not being the only one to admire the sacrifices of the early saints. If there was ever a film more awe inspiring than that one I would sure like to know.

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