Week 4

This past week at the CCM was the craziest, funnest, and saddest.Image
The crazy news is my companion Elder Dialogue got sick again and then after lots of talking with the leaders decided it would be best to seek treatment in SLC and so the day after he told us he was shipped home. Seven in the morning he hopped in a white van and was gone. I had no idea what to do and to this day I haven’t had any official assigning of a new companion so I just tag along with Elder Walker and Elder Myler who are in my district and my casa.
It´s a pretty interesting experience being in a triple. It has its good moments and its bad. For example when we teach if ever I can’t think of how to continue the lesson I now have two people to cover me instead of one but at the same time it is a whole lot easier to trip over each other in a lesson because two of us will speak at the same time. I also think that it´s a little intimidating for the investigators but we’ve been able to make it work.
Speaking of lessons most of the ones we are supposed to teach here at the CCM are supposed to be around 15 minutes. Unfortunately for time, there are so many things that we want to teach that we always seem to go a little over. In fact for one of our lessons we managed 40 minutes and then got yelled at by our teacher because of it but it was so totally worth it. Teaching is strange because sometimes we plan this grandiose lesson but it turns out that it’s not what the investigator needs to have. So we just have to ditch it and teach what we know from the heart.
We took it upon our selves to have lots of conversations with the Latinos here, weather they be missionaries or workers, just so we can get a feel for real Spanish. It has been a really neat experience because we’ve been able to meet a ton of interesting people. Like this one guy who works in the clinic giving shots and stuff won a bronze medal in a Martial Arts tournament in Japan! He was by far the coolest guy here we’ve seen so far. And he helped us quite a bit with our Spanish in just a 15 minute conversation with him.
As for me I’m doing well we’ve found a lot of fun things to do for gym rather than basket ball including Frisbee, Tennis, Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, and Handball. It’s always a ton of fun until someone gets hurt… I think our district is just accident prone. I am so very excited to actually be out in the Field where we can teach real people and see them learn and grow.

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