Week 3

This week was the best and the worst week at the CCM. First off the food this week was just outstanding for some reason which kind of sucked for my companion because he has been sick in bed for a couple days. Thank goodness he got sick here and not in the feild though because that would have stunk for the two of us. Instead Elder Dialouge got a new companion Elder Bed and I got to be a triplet (Haines that was for you) which turns out to be way more fun than I had anticipatedDSC00130. We just went around doing our things and really as long as I was with some Elders I was Golden. All I had to say was that my companion was “Enfermo” and I could do whatsoever I pleased.
This past week was the first week in which I was able to play frisbee, we had been playing basketball all other days, and it was so incredibly amazing! I love to play sports that I’m good at because I don’t feel depressed after I play. In fact today I was able to play with Elder Goodman and Elder Johnson and it was super fun. I also found out today I’m pretty out of shape. Or according to Elder Wright I’m in shape just a round one. They also have beach volleyball here and we totally crushed it! The only thing more I could wish for is a pool table.
My Spanish is actually coming along quiet nicely. We had the oppertunity today to go to the Mexico City Temple and of course the session was in Spanish but I understood 10x as much this time and without the headache! My companions is doing all better now and is as chipper as ever. Save it be that he lost all of his girlfriend’s pictures. BTW this spanish keyboard is super weird it’s got all sorts of new things ¿ñó¡ Oh we went to the Tiende yesterday and they just got a shipment of ties and they are super cool I got 2 for 90$ and they are some of my favorites now. Sometimes for our Sunday night Devotionals we will just watch a devo that happened in Provo which is nice but also lame that we haven’t had many people come down and speak to us.
It’s so rediculously hard to pick out the picture that I want to send to you all but I think this’ll do it! The biggest pineapple you will ever see! It’s hands down amazing.
Love Elder Helzer

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