Week 2

DSC00118It’s kind of hard to fathom that two weeks have already passed by and yet sometimes it feels like it’s been two months. Our schedule hasn’t gotten any less busy but we’ve adjusted so that it feels like all the time in the world. Today was the first day that I was able to show off my ping pong skills. It was fun seeing people try to win. Conference weekend here in the CCM was fantastic and really strange. Every time one of the “popular” apostles, like Elder Holand,  came up to speak people cheered and when there was a very movies talk you could hear a symphony of sniffles. I’m so glad I took notes while they spoke because there is no way I could remember all that went on.
In the CCM all of the latios who come in knowing Spanish are here for 2 weeks while the rest of us are here 6. And so it´s about 60% Gringos and 40% Latinos including all the teachers and workers. They split up the conference so you can listen to it in your native language. Even so when they sang Called to Serve during conference nearly half of us Gringos sang it in Spanish. Also I figured out the picture problem so I’m going to talk about all the people in my District.
Starting from the top left.
Elder Wright is in our casa at the CCM he is from Utah and he is in love with stage tech. He is going to Washington Kennewick.
Elder Widmer is Elder Wright’s companion. He was in the army for basic training and is real rough around the edges but when he gets spiritual it’s intense. He is going to Washington Kennewick and also from Utah
Elder Myler is going to Equador and is really patient with his companion Elder Walker. He is very friendly and keeps us all on task.
Elder Walker is a real goofball who always has a grin on his face. He really likes to take things, like a branch, coin, lid, or stick, and play with them. And yet he is much better at spanish than I am. He is also going to Equador
Elder Barth is really funny. He’s got a thing for trees. We’ll be talking with him and he’ll just move to get a better angle on a tree. He is the district leader and is going to Equador as well.
Elder Moore is bottom left he is by far my favorite. Unfortunately for him he pulled his ankle while we were playing Dunk Ball. But he’ll manage and he finally got off of his crutches today. He is going to Equador as well.
Then me Elder Helzer
Elder Dialogue is my companion here at the CCM and we’ve gone to the doctor twice because of excessive nose bleeds. Haha it’s alright though he’s a champ. He’s from Bluffdale and going to Kennewick.
Hermana Jett is next. She is going to Kennewick and she’s from New Jersey. She’s super good at singing.
Hermana Synals is last and she is going to Equador.
Bienos Dias
Love, Elder Helzer

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