Week 1

Well it just turns out that my Prep-days are Tuesdays! At least they are now in the Mexico MTC or as we like to call it the CCM. It is so much fun to be with so many missionaries! So let me tell you a little about the CCM:
First off it is completly gourgeous! It is so full of exoctic trees and bird you sometimes forget that it’s in the middle of Mexico City! The people who live here are in love with fire works. Seriously they launch them at least 100 times a day. It just is a BOOM while we do anything. At first we all thought they were people getting shot. It was very frightening, but then we found out it’s just when a missionary gets an AH HA moment.
Secondly the food his is so fantastic. The bread is a little dry but thats ok because their selection of fruit and juices completely make up for it. Most everything we eat here is mexican food and I am suprised how enjoyable it is especially since I was never a fan. The two best items they have are the Papples and the Rice Pudding. Papples are the best combination of apple and pear that there ever could be. And the rice pudding is the first dessert I recieved in the CCM and it was fantastic. They even have Nuttella and cereal if I ever find something I wouldn’t want to eat.
And finally my district is way better than I had ever expected. All three of my roomates, Elder Widmer, Elder Wright, and Elder Dialogue, are going to Washington Kennewick with me. In fact we all came from Utah which is super cool. They are so completely different but yet we share the common thread of the Gospel which totally unites us.
There are three things I wish I had brought with me to the CCM hangers, a Spanish Hymn Book, and a Sharpie. Thankfully I was able to get all of those things at the store they have here. We get 100 pecos a week which is equivelent to about 8 dollars. Although you would not beleive how much that can go around. Sheesh I’m looking at my Companion Elder Dialogue and he’s got like ten times more stuff than I do.
Well it turns out learning spanish is hard but it’s pleasent to see the progress that I’ve made in a week I’m going to end by sending you all some pictures.It’s not alot and they don’t give the place the justice it deserves but I suppose they will suffice… Just kidding these computers won’t allow drivers to install so I cannot upload photos for now. Oh well you can see them all in 5 more weeks!
With much love Elder Helzer

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