Week 5

Another week has come and gone here at the CCM and everyone started to get restless for the field. In fact my two companions are going to be leaving in two days, and since I won’t be leaving till next Monday I get to have two more companions at my time here at the CCM. Which is great because every companion I have is supposed to teach me a thing or two. Thus I can learn all the more! I’m going to know share with you the two most memorable experiences of the week:
The leader of the all of the MTC’s came to us and gave the first live devotional in a couple weeks and it was hands down amazing. I love when people are passionate about what they speak about because you know that they’re speaking from the heart. His talk was about, suprise suprise, Missionary Work! He shared some experiences from his mission and about his first and last day out in the field. Then went on to show how it applied to us. He got a district of about 10 people to come up and share what they sacrificed to come on a mission and told them it had to be a different thing. The first girl comes up and says she gave up her parents and quickly went back down. The second girl told us she gave up her Fiance! This amused the MTC Leader an he told us of a time in Provo where he asked the same question and some Elder told him he gave up a wife and that she’s here right now. So the MTC guy was baffled at first and then asks if the Elder’s old fiance would stand up and lo and behold she did. I cried in laughter at that point and held back the tears for the rest of his talk.
Later that night we watched the Joseph Smith movie. I’ve seen it before in SLC and the group I was with then mocked me because I shed some tears, but this time there was not a dry eye after that film. Which pleased me somewhat not being the only one to admire the sacrifices of the early saints. If there was ever a film more awe inspiring than that one I would sure like to know.

Week 4

This past week at the CCM was the craziest, funnest, and saddest.Image
The crazy news is my companion Elder Dialogue got sick again and then after lots of talking with the leaders decided it would be best to seek treatment in SLC and so the day after he told us he was shipped home. Seven in the morning he hopped in a white van and was gone. I had no idea what to do and to this day I haven’t had any official assigning of a new companion so I just tag along with Elder Walker and Elder Myler who are in my district and my casa.
It´s a pretty interesting experience being in a triple. It has its good moments and its bad. For example when we teach if ever I can’t think of how to continue the lesson I now have two people to cover me instead of one but at the same time it is a whole lot easier to trip over each other in a lesson because two of us will speak at the same time. I also think that it´s a little intimidating for the investigators but we’ve been able to make it work.
Speaking of lessons most of the ones we are supposed to teach here at the CCM are supposed to be around 15 minutes. Unfortunately for time, there are so many things that we want to teach that we always seem to go a little over. In fact for one of our lessons we managed 40 minutes and then got yelled at by our teacher because of it but it was so totally worth it. Teaching is strange because sometimes we plan this grandiose lesson but it turns out that it’s not what the investigator needs to have. So we just have to ditch it and teach what we know from the heart.
We took it upon our selves to have lots of conversations with the Latinos here, weather they be missionaries or workers, just so we can get a feel for real Spanish. It has been a really neat experience because we’ve been able to meet a ton of interesting people. Like this one guy who works in the clinic giving shots and stuff won a bronze medal in a Martial Arts tournament in Japan! He was by far the coolest guy here we’ve seen so far. And he helped us quite a bit with our Spanish in just a 15 minute conversation with him.
As for me I’m doing well we’ve found a lot of fun things to do for gym rather than basket ball including Frisbee, Tennis, Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, and Handball. It’s always a ton of fun until someone gets hurt… I think our district is just accident prone. I am so very excited to actually be out in the Field where we can teach real people and see them learn and grow.

Week 3

This week was the best and the worst week at the CCM. First off the food this week was just outstanding for some reason which kind of sucked for my companion because he has been sick in bed for a couple days. Thank goodness he got sick here and not in the feild though because that would have stunk for the two of us. Instead Elder Dialouge got a new companion Elder Bed and I got to be a triplet (Haines that was for you) which turns out to be way more fun than I had anticipatedDSC00130. We just went around doing our things and really as long as I was with some Elders I was Golden. All I had to say was that my companion was “Enfermo” and I could do whatsoever I pleased.
This past week was the first week in which I was able to play frisbee, we had been playing basketball all other days, and it was so incredibly amazing! I love to play sports that I’m good at because I don’t feel depressed after I play. In fact today I was able to play with Elder Goodman and Elder Johnson and it was super fun. I also found out today I’m pretty out of shape. Or according to Elder Wright I’m in shape just a round one. They also have beach volleyball here and we totally crushed it! The only thing more I could wish for is a pool table.
My Spanish is actually coming along quiet nicely. We had the oppertunity today to go to the Mexico City Temple and of course the session was in Spanish but I understood 10x as much this time and without the headache! My companions is doing all better now and is as chipper as ever. Save it be that he lost all of his girlfriend’s pictures. BTW this spanish keyboard is super weird it’s got all sorts of new things ¿ñó¡ Oh we went to the Tiende yesterday and they just got a shipment of ties and they are super cool I got 2 for 90$ and they are some of my favorites now. Sometimes for our Sunday night Devotionals we will just watch a devo that happened in Provo which is nice but also lame that we haven’t had many people come down and speak to us.
It’s so rediculously hard to pick out the picture that I want to send to you all but I think this’ll do it! The biggest pineapple you will ever see! It’s hands down amazing.
Love Elder Helzer

Week 2

DSC00118It’s kind of hard to fathom that two weeks have already passed by and yet sometimes it feels like it’s been two months. Our schedule hasn’t gotten any less busy but we’ve adjusted so that it feels like all the time in the world. Today was the first day that I was able to show off my ping pong skills. It was fun seeing people try to win. Conference weekend here in the CCM was fantastic and really strange. Every time one of the “popular” apostles, like Elder Holand,  came up to speak people cheered and when there was a very movies talk you could hear a symphony of sniffles. I’m so glad I took notes while they spoke because there is no way I could remember all that went on.
In the CCM all of the latios who come in knowing Spanish are here for 2 weeks while the rest of us are here 6. And so it´s about 60% Gringos and 40% Latinos including all the teachers and workers. They split up the conference so you can listen to it in your native language. Even so when they sang Called to Serve during conference nearly half of us Gringos sang it in Spanish. Also I figured out the picture problem so I’m going to talk about all the people in my District.
Starting from the top left.
Elder Wright is in our casa at the CCM he is from Utah and he is in love with stage tech. He is going to Washington Kennewick.
Elder Widmer is Elder Wright’s companion. He was in the army for basic training and is real rough around the edges but when he gets spiritual it’s intense. He is going to Washington Kennewick and also from Utah
Elder Myler is going to Equador and is really patient with his companion Elder Walker. He is very friendly and keeps us all on task.
Elder Walker is a real goofball who always has a grin on his face. He really likes to take things, like a branch, coin, lid, or stick, and play with them. And yet he is much better at spanish than I am. He is also going to Equador
Elder Barth is really funny. He’s got a thing for trees. We’ll be talking with him and he’ll just move to get a better angle on a tree. He is the district leader and is going to Equador as well.
Elder Moore is bottom left he is by far my favorite. Unfortunately for him he pulled his ankle while we were playing Dunk Ball. But he’ll manage and he finally got off of his crutches today. He is going to Equador as well.
Then me Elder Helzer
Elder Dialogue is my companion here at the CCM and we’ve gone to the doctor twice because of excessive nose bleeds. Haha it’s alright though he’s a champ. He’s from Bluffdale and going to Kennewick.
Hermana Jett is next. She is going to Kennewick and she’s from New Jersey. She’s super good at singing.
Hermana Synals is last and she is going to Equador.
Bienos Dias
Love, Elder Helzer

Week 1

Well it just turns out that my Prep-days are Tuesdays! At least they are now in the Mexico MTC or as we like to call it the CCM. It is so much fun to be with so many missionaries! So let me tell you a little about the CCM:
First off it is completly gourgeous! It is so full of exoctic trees and bird you sometimes forget that it’s in the middle of Mexico City! The people who live here are in love with fire works. Seriously they launch them at least 100 times a day. It just is a BOOM while we do anything. At first we all thought they were people getting shot. It was very frightening, but then we found out it’s just when a missionary gets an AH HA moment.
Secondly the food his is so fantastic. The bread is a little dry but thats ok because their selection of fruit and juices completely make up for it. Most everything we eat here is mexican food and I am suprised how enjoyable it is especially since I was never a fan. The two best items they have are the Papples and the Rice Pudding. Papples are the best combination of apple and pear that there ever could be. And the rice pudding is the first dessert I recieved in the CCM and it was fantastic. They even have Nuttella and cereal if I ever find something I wouldn’t want to eat.
And finally my district is way better than I had ever expected. All three of my roomates, Elder Widmer, Elder Wright, and Elder Dialogue, are going to Washington Kennewick with me. In fact we all came from Utah which is super cool. They are so completely different but yet we share the common thread of the Gospel which totally unites us.
There are three things I wish I had brought with me to the CCM hangers, a Spanish Hymn Book, and a Sharpie. Thankfully I was able to get all of those things at the store they have here. We get 100 pecos a week which is equivelent to about 8 dollars. Although you would not beleive how much that can go around. Sheesh I’m looking at my Companion Elder Dialogue and he’s got like ten times more stuff than I do.
Well it turns out learning spanish is hard but it’s pleasent to see the progress that I’ve made in a week I’m going to end by sending you all some pictures.It’s not alot and they don’t give the place the justice it deserves but I suppose they will suffice… Just kidding these computers won’t allow drivers to install so I cannot upload photos for now. Oh well you can see them all in 5 more weeks!
With much love Elder Helzer

Week 0

Hello there everyone, thanks for being awesome and reading this. I don’t know when my P-day will be but definitely within a week I suppose. So I leave tomorrow morning for the Mexico MTC in Mexico city! Hopefully I don’t lose my luggage but that rarely happens. Right?

Anyways it was fun giving my last little goodbyes today. Also Mom thanks for the cheesecake it was fantastic. The Thai food I had tonight as my “last meal” was super good and I’m a little worried they only have Mexican food in Mexico. 6 weeks of Mexican food may not fare well through my body.
I don’t really have much else to say so the Church is true, God loves you, and so do I. Have fun in life!